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Robert Magarian, BA., BsPh, and Ph.D., studied at Washington University in St. Louis, completed his pharmacy education at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi and a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Kansas. He is an emeritus professor of pharmacy and medicinal chemistry. Since his retirement, he has been writing medical and crime novels and has created several interesting characters. The two most enduring characters are Detective Lieutenant Noah McGraw and Detective Sergeant Holly Roark of the Atlanta PD. Readers have asked if they will appear again in future novels. They will definitely appear again, but they are thinking about marriage and at the moment don't want to be bothered. They've been told they would be given some time, but that they better not take too long or they could be split up. Magarian is the author of four thrillers: The Watchman, 72 Hours, You'll Never See Me Again-A Crime to Remember, and The Tongue Collector. In addition to his fiction, Magarian is the author of two nonfiction essays, Follow Your Dream and A Journey Into Faith ( He lives in Norman, OK with his wife Charmaine. You can connect with him on; Twitter: @AuthorRAM; Email:, and LinkedIn.

The Tongue Collector The Watchman 72 Hours You ll Never See Me Again Follow Your Dream A Journey Into Faith