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The Tonge Collector


 He stalks the streets of Atlanta, a serial murderer who strikes the most vulnerable and takes sickening souvenirs—all without leaving a trace. Who is he? And can he be stopped before he kills his next victim?

Still recuperating from a gunshot earned during his last brush with evil, cowboy Detective Lieutenant Noah McGraw has no idea he’ll be faced with his greatest challenge yet—or that his relationship with his partner, Detective Sergeant Holly Roark, will be put to the test. Their budding feelings are intensifying, possibly building to marriage, but will their love prove to be a dangerous distraction out in the field? The officers of Atlanta PD’s Homicide Division have seen their share of clever killers, but this particular predator is on a whole new level. When Noah and Holly are put on the case, they immediately hit a dead-end—at scene after scene, the killer has struck without leaving a shred of evidence behind, somehow defying the laws of forensic science. Three elderly women are dead, their tongues cut out. What does The Tongue Collector want with these trophies? And when will he strike again?

Sooner or later, Noah knows, the killer will slip up. They always do. Will Noah and Holly uncover the truth before it’s too late, or will they find themselves in the crosshairs of a cunning psychopath yet again?

The Watchman


Molecular biologist Matt Brenner stumbles upon a horrifying plot when he seeks answers regarding the suspicious death of his childhood friend, Jack Sinclair, a scientist in a secret ArmyBiodefense Research Center in St. Louis. Matt joins the facility as one of their research scientists and makes a shocking discovery: the psychopathic commanding general has unleashed neurotoxins inside and outside the facility, causing several ghastly deaths.

Realizing he's in over his head, Matt joins forces with the FBI and his ex-lover, Major Joan Wu. Matt and Joan learn that the general developed a biochip containing a flesh-eating virus that can be released from a computer. The general's plan? To destroy an al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Newark -- no matter the cost in "collateral damage." Can Matt and Joan avert a tragedy, or will thousands of innocent people die? 

72 Hours


CDC scientist Dr. Susan Prescott is on a mission to find the holy grail of cancer cures and believes she's discovered it in in the work of Vladimir Sokolov, a Russian geneticist whose lab was closed during the fall of the Soviet Union.

 Prescott and her research associate learn that Sokolov's re-engineered microbe cures many cancers. But after Prescott is shot at, her research associate murdered, and all the samples stolen, it's clear that someone will kill to keep the microbe secret. 

Atlanta Police Department Homicide Detective Nick Hunter is assigned the case. Working closely with Prescott, Hunter soon finds himself enmeshed in a romantic relationship with the beautiful doctor. The investigation takes a sudden turn when Hunter is called out to investigate a mutilated corpse--it's a female lab tech who worked with Prescott, and she wasn't killed by ordinary means. An unknown and deadly microbe has destroyed her brain and lungs.

When Prescott reviews her deceased research associate's experimental data on Sokolov's microbe, she discovers a horrific secret: the microbe mutates into a killer. Even worse, Hunter learns that Sokolov's psychopathic sidekick has infected dozens of U.S. Senators with the microbe. While Hunter tracks the terrorist, Prescott races to develop an antidote. She has 72 Hours before the senator's brains and lungs turn to mush. Will she be able to save them?


You'll Never See Me Again, A Crime to Remember

Robert A Magarian

Six weeks after Eva Bingham marries into Atlanta's famous banking family, the Hamiltons, she vanishes after leaving work at Citizens Bank.

She doesn't show up to work the next morning, yet her car mysteriously appears in its parking spot at noon with items of women's underwear neatly folded on the front seat and smears of Eva's blood on the steering wheel.

Has Eva been kidnapped, maybe even murdered?

Cowboy Detective Lieutenant Noah McGraw and his partner Detective Sergeant Holly Roark of the Atlanta Homicide PD are assigned to the high-profile "Vanishing Bride" case. There is evidence that Eva is alive in North Carolina based on gas receipts signed by her early the next morning in Charlotte and later that afternoon in Raleigh. Did she fake her abduction? When the young blonde who replaces Eva at the bank is found charred in the trunk of a burned-out car, the case takes a bizarre twist. Do the answers lie in Eva's past, or could her disappearance be linked to two dirty Atlanta cops? In pursuit of the answers, Noah and Holly are put to the test by a suspect who is not only cunning but capable of great carnage. Will, they put the pieces together before it's too late?

You'll Never See Me Again, A Crime to Remember can be purchased in paperback on or Barnes & Noble and as an ebook.


Follow Your Dream

Follow Your Dream (An Essay)

Have you ever given up on a dream? Perhaps you allowed someone to take it from you, a friend, a family member, a teacher, or a coach. I hope not. You must never, ever give up on your dream! Never! I nearly gave up on one some thirty years ago--to serve Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day in Norman, Oklahoma. I was told it couldn't be done, and nearly gave up, but the passion instilled into me by the Holy Spirit was too great. We now feed over 2,000 people and use 200 volunteers. Go to ( to find out how I overcame my fear of failure and how we were able to pull it off. It's just $.99.

A Journey Into Faith

A Journey Into Faith (An Essay)

This is a message for those who have reached the point in their lives where they are asking: "Is this all there is?" Not truly happy? Looking for a way to calm this restlessness and to fill that void in your life? Then "A Journey Into Faith" is for you. God made us and we are restless until we find Him. Go to to purchase this essay for $.99 on your eReader, to learn how the author made his journey into faith.