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Praise for You'll Never See Me Again, A Crime to Remember

By Brooke. Amazon reviewer, March 31, 2016. "I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't put it down. The details and thought put into this book by Dr. Magarian are absolutely amazing. I felt as if I was in the book myself."

Great read. By Nancy Loyd, April 13, 2016. "Loved the book. It kept my attention, kept me guessing and kept me reading. I didn't want to put it down. Highly r recommend it."

Five stars. By Amazon reviewer, May 2, 2016. "Very readable with interesting characters and a fast-moving plot. A real page turner."

Best crime novel. By L.Freude, May 7, 2016. "I highly recommend this book. Very well written. One of the best crime novels I've read in a while. It is one of those books that is a page turner and you don't want to put it down. Can't wait for Robert Magarian's next crime novel."

I really like this book. By T. Wells, June 4, 2016. "I really like this book. I am always looking for new authors and have definitely found one I will follow. This book kept me guessing, liked the characters and storyline, can't wait to read more about McGraw and Roark"

Great story. By Amazon customer. June 9, 2016. "Awesome book. Great storyline and characters. Definitely one I couldn't put down. Would highly recommend."

Good read throughout! Buy it! By Masha, July 3, 2016. Cowboy detective Noah McGraw and partner Holly Roark face multiple challenges as they try to solve the disappearance of bank employee Eva Bingham. Magarian writes a novel replete with turns and challenges that test talent and courage. Strap yourself in for the ride."

Review by Norman A. Campbell, June 22, 2017. "Having read the author's first two novels, I anxiously anticipated publication of "You'll Never See Me Again." Despite having had to wait for my wife to finish reading it, clearly it was worth the wait.  Robert Magarian's ability to develop characters and keep them fresh and alive for the reader throughout the novel portends great things to come from him as an author. Aware that he fashioned this story from a real life case kept me speculating about how he would resolve this one and that spurred high interest until I finished reading.  I still think about those characters and look forward to his next work."



"Author's academic background in chemistry serves him well to pen a political thriller about bioterrorism."

"Even though The Watchman" is a work of fiction, my inner thought is that it has or can happen, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The Watchman came to life for me because it is well written and instills a sense of caution as you read. I am delighted to have had the pleasure of discovering Robert A. Magarian, and his talent to write a good book. Read The Watchman and you will not be sorry."

Bea Kunz, Petersburg, TN.

"The Watchman is a must read! A suspenseful novel that will keep you up all night . . . you won't want to put it down!! Excellent story line and a quick read."

L. Freude "bargaingirl2006 (CA)

"Read The Watchman last night. Really great story line. I especially liked that you did not digress from the main theme, but kept everything on track"

E. Ben Welch, PharmD
Associate Clinical Professor
Southwestern Oklahoma State U.

"The Watchman caught me off guard late one evening last week. It kept me turning page after page just to see the next twist in the plot. It was like a roller coaster just when you think it was ok something else comes around the corner, unexpectedly. Great Read. Would recommend it for your summer reading list."

Johnny Porter
Editor of the MASK

"I read The Watchman on a flight to Chicago and I really enjoyed it. Fast paced, good action and great characters"

Tony Palmieri III, Ph.D.,
University of Florida Gainsville.

Praise for 72 Hours

I was compelled to carry 72 Hours around with me. It's a blend of trouble both personal and political, with an evil that will stop at nothing and a CDC that may-or may not-have found the only salvation. Here, also, is a family in pain. Suspenseful, timely, and breath-catching.

Carolyn Wall, author
Sweeping Up Glass

I just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your characters were so full bodied and real. The good books become somewhat of a movie in my head while reading it and I can "see" the story as it unfolds. Plus the storyline kept me guessing as to where it was going so it was a real page turner and I could hardly put it down. I really enjoyed your presentation at the library.

Susan Beller
Gore, Oklahoma

I finally finished reading 72 Hours and it wasn't because it was slow reading. I was just slow getting started reading it. I loved the book; I could hardly put it down after I got started reading it. The action was very fast, and it was extremely well written. I loved the fact that there were times one had no idea what was coming next, even when they may have thought they knew.

Parke Largent Purcell, Oklahoma